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Walking along the South Castle Road on a beautiful, warm day.There were huge puddles everywhere on the South Castle Road but thankfully they were pretty shallow with a gravel base.Phil walks down to the Castle River from the end of the drivable road.We didn't think too much of it at first, but the river was already past knee deep in the morning.Bushwhacking our way to the boulder field along the Castle River.The bottom of the boulder field - this section is much more elevation gain than it looks from afar.Phil grunts his way up a dirt / shale slope beside the boulder field. The Whistler Lookout in the distance - bone dry.Looking over the colorful handrail cliff band towards Castle Peak.We hit snow line.Kicking steps to the north end of Lys Ridge.Near the ridge crest, looking back at the Whistler Lookout and Whistler Mountain across the Castle River. They look very nice and dry.Looking south (L) and west (R) towards Barnaby Ridge.The first obstacle on the ridge already looks fierce. It's not that bad if you go climber's right before finding a break to the left.Looking back along Lys Ridge to the north. Centre Peak at right with snow - that was where we were supposed to be!Going around the cliffs on the west, looking for a route through.Interesting colors and rock features as we grind our way up an obvious break in the cliffs.Looking down the narrow gully to Grizzly Creek - our exit many hours later.Snow drifts.