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Looking up the lower grassy slopes of Pincher Ridge. The summit is JUST visible peaking over at center left.Lots of dead trees on the first, grassy slope.Lots of dead trees on the first, grassy slope.Looking back out over the prairies to the north east where Pincher and Drywood Creeks run out of the mountains.Looking ahead from the first bump to the second one. There's some elevation gain / loss involved but not too much.Looking ahead to the scramble - left hand ridge with detours off to the left and then the right.Typical terrain on the NE ridge - I went left already at the first cliff band up obvious breaks.Looking back down at the nose of Pincher Ridge, my approach route comes in from the right hand side.Looking at the first gully (upper left) as I round the bottom of the first cliff on climber's left.The gully isn't too bad.Another gully to avoid ridge difficulties at upper right now. Every gully gets harder.Traversing some difficult terrain.Looking over some ledge terrain on climber's right of the ridge towards Victoria Peak.Another upper moderate scrambling section on the ridge.Avoiding some pretty serious terrain.I guess these could be the 'grassy ledges'.Looking ahead to more traversing on climber's right (north) side of the ridge. Note the exposure to the right!