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Dramatic views from my drive up Hwy #93 to Jasper.Nice walk-in site at the Pocahontas Campground.Pyramid Mountain and Patricia Lake from the ride up in the morning.There were some long uphill sections which necessitated pushing our two-wheel steeds.The gorgeous alpine meadows at the end of the bike ride - Pyramid Mountain is to the right, out of the frame.So checks the description. We headed up here, through the trees and krummholtz.Heading up the east aspect of the north ridge.Hiking up the first ridge, above tree line now.So on the first ridge with the main ridge of Pyramid in the bg.So on the first ridge with the main ridge of Pyramid in the bg.The Victoria Cross range is to the west of the ascent ridge on Pyramid. From L to R, Kinross, Unnamed and Zengel.The rest of the ascent looks straight forward from here.I love the rock in Jasper.Colorful quartzite with Maligne Lake showing in the distance now.Some steep snow on the ridge.A small window along the summit ridge.After the first snow, there was a boulder field.The summit ridge.The summit ridge.Looking down our ascent ridge with an incredible panorama opening up to the east including Maligne Lake.