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At least the trail allows for good conversation which dulls the pain.Asters are still hanging on but many wild flowers are slowly giving up on life already.Lovely hiking to Simpson Pass.Note the frost at Simpson Pass! There are two border markers here as well. The Monarch is just barely visible over the trees.A border marker at Simpson Pass.Taking the trail towards Eohippus Lake.A great view of The Monarch (L) with the Ramparts stretching out towards Healy Pass to the right.We followed the trail past this pond (L) before trying to shortcut towards The Ramparts and The Monarch.Cutting across the outflow of another pond on our 'shortcut' route.Fall is definitely in the air as we continue off-trail towards The Ramparts.Nearing the ramp leading up to the Ramparts now - and the trail from Eohippus Lake.Looking back at Phil and Eohippus Lake as we follow the trail winding up The Ramparts.Phil and Wietse head off trail, up the Ramparts. The north end of The Monarch at upper left.Looking down the other side (west) of The Ramparts along the NW side of The Monarch (L) and towards Pharaoh Lakes and Mount Ball (R).Looking along the impressive east face of The Monarch (R) towards Eohippus Lake and the Mount Assiniboine area.I would recommend against 'shortcutting' - stick to treeline instead (R). Here we are working our way down loose, bouldery slopes to the scree cone / gully which is visible coming out of the cliff banFinally bottomed out and ascending towards the gully.Starting up the manky gully. It's much steeper, looser and further than it appears here!