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Much different conditions than a week previous when there was a full-on blizzard happening here.Mist Mountain to the north will command many photos this day!A lookout along the highway gives some detail about Mount Armstrong in the bg.Mist Mountain looms over highway 40 and the Fitzwilliam picnic area below. Cat Creek Hills is out of the photo on the right.Panorama from the highway showing Cat Creek Hills on the right - looking like cat ears.Walking along the 'landing strip' clearing from the highway towards the first cat ear - the way is obvious.This doesn't feel like February...On the lower ridge of the hills, looking at the cat ears and up hwy 40 at left. The landing strip is obvious at centerVery nice views as I work my way up the interesting mix of grassy hill and jutting rock. The two summits here are McPhail (L) and Bishop (R).Looking east with the second cat ear on the left and Junction Hill on the right.Nearing the first summit (L) with the second visible (R).Great views along the Divide.Coyote and Strawberry Hills in the bg - Burke on the far left. Raspberry Ridge directly at center with a fire lookout at the summit.Looking up at the second summit - I went straight through the slabs above, but there are easier options on climber's right.Great view over the first summit from near the second with Armstrong, Maclaren, Strachan and McPhail in the distance.Peaks in the background include Baril, Cornwell and Armstrong.Looking north off the second summit - the third and connecting ridge at right with Holy Cross (R) and Head (C) in the background.Looking north and east at Holy Cross (L) and the true summit of Cat Creek Hills. Junction Hill at right.