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Looking back at Bill coming up the Healy Creek trail with Mount Bourgeau looming in the distance catching the sun.Don't be fooled into thinking that it's warm - it's not. But it is beautiful nonetheless.After a solid 2+ hours of skiing up the rather dull Healy Creek trail, these are the first views of The Monarch (L) with the Monarch Ramparts stretching out to the right.At the Healy Meadows now, looking back down the skin track. TONS of larches in here - I have to come back in the fall some day.It might be a boring trudge to get up to the meadows but once you're up there, it's a spectacular spot.Looking back at Wietse and Bill with Bourgeau, Eagle, Twin Cairns in the background from L to R.One of my favorite images from the trip, Wietse breaks trail towards the ramp used to access the Ramparts.Bill follows our trail - for some reason I find trail breaking a lot of fun. But don't tell anyone that! Healy Pass and Healy Pass Peak in the background.Looking over our ascent track from part way up the ramp over Healy Meadows.Looking south along the Ramparts towards Mount Assiniboine with the puff of cloud on its summit. The Monarch just visible on the right.The views already part way up the ramp are great.Bill follows the track upwards.Amazing views with The Monarch at center and Pharaoh Peaks to the right.Bill with another high point on the Ramparts behind him and Pharaoh Peak rising at left.Wietse on the ridge.I didn't realize there was a nice valley on the west side of the Ramparts - that looks like a great place to explore some day.Wind blasted trees on the ridge.Wietse and Bill on the first high point. Bourgeau just right of center with Eagle Mountain at extreme right.Starting back down, looking towards Healy Pass with the Pharaoh Lakes at left.One last looking back. From L to R, Bourgeau, Eagle, Howard Douglas, Brewster, Twin Cairns, Mount Assiniboine, The Monarch.