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The burnt forest is kewl.Wietse and Jeff set a brisk pace up the trail through burnt forest.Hiking up the trail through the burnt forest gives tons of excellent photography opportunities.This is the "major waterfall" along Hawk Creek that Kane mentions. It's a peaceful setting for sure.Looking up the ascent gully from the approach trail. Still around 1000m vertical from here!Jeff balances out of the top of the first scree gully.If you look carefully you can spot Ed and Dave scrambling up the rubbly slopes of Isabelle before gaining the ridge.Looking down our ascent gully to the creek below.The actual summit is not in view here - but the summit block is at left. Jeff and I stuck to the ridge on the right to get over there.Nearing the notch as we follow the ridge to the summit block.Mount Ball.Mount Ball shows up through the notch.