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As we ascend the slopes above the Smith Dorrien Road there are many cars driving along it.If you still venture up this route after seeing this photo, you give up all rights to complain about it afterwards.Robin's turn to break trail. The punchy crust about a foot down was a PITA.Crikey! We do this for fun right?!This photo makes it look way too easy.Robin, Ryan and Phil take in some views over the Kananaskis Lakes (out of photo to the right).Crotch deep and uphill - this is getting ridiculous!I break trail behind Phil. He only sank 8" here, while I plunged up to 24" at times. Clearly I need to start running a billion km per week just like Phil does.Ok - this is slowly becoming worth it as our views open up over the Kananaskis Lakes.More views start to open up towards Warspite and Invincible.The mighty summit appears.Robin breaks trail towards the summit on the most supportive snow we had all day.It's Ryan's turn to break trail up the final slope to the summit bump.Nice views from the ascent of the summit bump looking towards the Opal Range and the Kananaskis Lakes.One more tree wallow to go, as Ryan crests the summit ridge above me.Robin and Phil break onto the summit ridge.Views from the summit looking east (L) and south (R) towards the Opal and Elk Ranges.Mount Lawson lies immediately to the north across Kent Creek.