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Leaving the parking lot with Turner's east face and summit towering in the distance. Morrison at far left.Yes - it's warm. Remember, it's around 19:30 already at this point.The wide, groomed trail is about the end after reaching the Banff National Park boundary.Darkness is settling in as we cross the bridge near the BR9 (Big Springs) camp site.Some morning lighting as we cross Bryant Creek on the Owl Lake approach trail.Turning steeply up the lower end of the NW ridge on a very firm crust.Ferenc follows up the NW ridge - the views are starting to open up with Wonder Peak rising on the right.As we got closer to treeline we found a very nice ascent (and descent) gully that took us to the upper NW shoulder.Looking over Marvel Peak towards Eon, Aye, Assiniboine Terrapin and The Towers (L to R).Peaks in the background include Cave, Wonder and Mercer.Assiniboine, Magog, Terrapin, The Towers and Wonder Peak.Wonder Peak and Ely's Dome massif in the distance.Looking ahead to the summit block, far up the NW ridge of Mount Turner.A zoomed in shot of the NW face showing the big avalanche slope that funnels right down the north face at left.The views from Turner are stunning in every direction once you get up high on the NW ridge.