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Here we're about half way up the glacial tongue (doesn't look so small now does it?!) and taking a break on a patch of softer ice.Looking straight down the dirty ice on the west glacier.As the ice levels off a bit I manage to take this photo looking back.Crossing the upper glacial bench gave us some breathing room to enjoy a nice sunrise before getting back into it on the ridge.Good fun just under the west ridge on some really nasty rock!With low clouds hiding the upper ridge, the feeling is a bit intimidating when we first hit the west ridge.Sublime views off the west ridge looking south west towards the Royal Group. King George is in the clouds at this point.The trick to enjoying yourself on the west ridge is careful route finding on both sides of it.Typical slab climbing on the SW face as we contour back to the west ridge.Ben comes back to the west ridge with incredible views opening up behind us.Steven works his way up a steep slab sectionSlight exposure keeps us on our toes.The lovely morning views to the west and north kept us entertained whenever we needed a break.Vern enjoys the west ridge of Sir Douglas.It isn't exactly solid granite but there are a lot of micro holds and grippy ledges if you know what to look for and take your time looking for it.Steven checks for a good line while I check out the Royal Group which is slowly starting to emerge from the clouds.Look at all that SOLID rock!! This is a low 5th class section of the ridge but a reasonably solid section.Looking down at the west glacier gives some perspective of exposure and the height we've already gained.Steven works the ridge as we enter the clouds.Steeper terrain on the NW face near the summit ridge.