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Views over the Cirque Col towards Mount Temple, Bow and Lefroy.Wietse and Raf on the south ridge of Observation Sub Peak.The day just keeps improving. No wind, warm, solid conditions. A perfect Spring ski tour.Mike rips the upper slopes of BowCrow on great snow.The rolls were never as big as the appeared at first.Christian and Walter peaks.Obviously there is no safe route up Ernest's northern side anymore. We ascended over the 'schrund on the left side.The fire seems to have calmed down as the sun sets over Cockscomb Mountain to the west of the Lyell Hut.A gorgeous head-on view of the mighty 11,851 ft Mount Forbes - which I would climb in 2016, in perfect conditions.Sunset on Mount Forbes.Ernest Peak looks incredible from Edward - note our tracks up the east ridge.Mount King Edward and Mount Columbia - two of the most western 11,000ers on the Columbia Icefields.A gorgeous view over Farbus and Oppy towards Clemenceau, Bryce and King Edward.Finally a good view of Mount Alexandra! This peak is hard to find a good view of since it's buried so far 'out there' between many other large mountains.There is a direct route up the snow / ice slopes between the two summits but this slope has some big holes and is obviously avalanche terrainYes, JW has his shirt off in February. He must be proud of his guns or something... :). Mighty Mount Forbes rises in the background over Tilly and Trapper Peak.