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A nice sunrise just before arriving at the Big Horn Campground and the end of the road.Warden Rock in early morning lighting. We would finally scramble this striking peak in March of 2015.An outlier of Labyrinth Mountain at sunrise.The sign at the trailhead, which can be read more clearly on the Parks Canada web site.Gearing up - as you can see, there's no snow! It's hard to know just how warm it'll get in conditions like this but you have to play it safe.A very different Rockies view - and very scenic.Big Horn Falls.Big Horn Falls is an ice climb later in the season.Big Horn Falls is an ice climb later in the season.Evangeline is at the center, Rum Ridge to the right - it's a fairly long, but easy, approach.Striking grasslands scenery looking west towards Warden Rock and Wapiti Mountain (C).Warden Rock.Warden Rock at left and Wapiti at center.Prairie walking.Looking north of Wapiti towards Tomahawk Mountain.We followed the trail up an obvious cut line before heading to our left up a clearing on the lower east flank of our mountain.This looks interesting! A sign labeled, 'Poplar Ridge" points to to right (east) well before our mountain. Maybe a route down?