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Morning view on our drive.Mike crossing Bow Lake - looks like mid winter!Mike skis towards the canyon. The Onion looms above with St. Nicholas on the left (pointed peak).We had to get around the waterfall somehow!Entering the canyon. Avalanche terrain so we spaced out a bit.Exiting the canyon.Time to treat the new blisters...Good work. That should last a few hours anyway!Mike skis towards the Vulture Ice Cap. The hut is just under the pointy peak. The Onion is on the right.The ice cap is a glacier that sheds ice and snow constantly. You don't want to get too close.The grind up to the hut.Finally the hut comes into view.Mike approaches Bow Hut with Vulture Peak on the left above him.What a glorious day!Tucked out of the wind by the Bow Hut.Our view from the hut is impressive.The kitchen / sitting area in the hut. Sleeping quarters are separate.Skiing onto the Wapta Icefield. The Bow Hut is below us now. Crowfoot mountain in the background.Skiing up the glacier under St. Nicholas.