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Views from just up the south ridge back over the TCH and my truck with the old bridge and the outline of Narao in the distance.The bushwhack wasn't the worst I've done, but then again I've done some pretty heinous 'whacking over my career.Hint of trails throughout the 'whack, but don't get too excited as they never last.A lovely morning to be in the bush.Despite being warned and trying to avoid them, I still ended up on some moderate slabs on the south ridge.On easier terrain on the south ridge proper now.An unexpected larch forest on an unexpected flat(ish) shoulder just before a more ridge.On more open slopes and nearing tree line. The summit not visible yet.Pretty sublime views back over Wapta Lake towards Divide, Niblock, Narao, North Victoria, Huber and Hungabee.A lot less smoky than expected! Looking north up the south ridge to the summit with Wapta Mountain at left.Narao, North Victoria, Cathedral, Steven and Mount Field visible (L to R). Kane's access route comes from lower left near the light colored shoulder left of center.Looking forward to a fun ridge scramble!The north end of Sherbrooke Lake visible at lower right in this lovely view up to the Niles Meadows and Mount Niles (L) and Daly (C-L).This would make for an interesting access (or egress)!Mount Bosworth lies to the east.