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The approach gully is already visible after a very short jaunt in the forest on a faint trail.Looking up the avi gully. Stick to climber's right for the best trail / ascent options.The route is obvious and easy - but loose in spots.Looking back over my approach with Jimmy Simpson, Peyto, Caldron and Patterson (L to R) in the bg.Telephoto towards the Wapta includes Olive, St. Nicholas and Gordon (L to R)More easy scree slopes up to the summit ridge.More easy scree slopes up to the summit ridge.Fun scrambling on a pretty obvious trail.Views back over Peyto Lake.Looking north up the Patterson, Ebon, Aries, Stairway, Midway, Howse and Chephren wall of Rockies.The true summit lies at the north end of the ridge.Views over Peyto Lake to Baker, Caldron, Mistaya and Mummery.View up the Peyto Glacier to Habel, Ayesha, Baker, Peyto and Trapper.Incredible view of Caldron Lake Falls with Peyto, Baker and Trapper rising above.Views into the Siffleur Wilderness towards Recondite and Willingdon.