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Crossing Bow Lake is always cold.The canyon looking pretty prime.Lots of slide activity in the approach canyon warrants caution especially later in the day.Skinning up the Bow Hut approach canyon.Steep traverses along the way to the Bow Hut.Ali skins up with the Bow Hut in sun at upper left.The bowl under the Vulture ice cap catches morning sun. St. Nich at right.St. Nicholas rises over the Bow Hut.Making our way into the Vulture bowl.Skinning up to the Bow Hut on softening snow in warm sunshine.Coming up the steep roll to the Bow Hut.Leaving the hut and skinning towards the Wapta.Liz leads the way up the headwall above the Bow Hut onto the Wapta Icefield.Liz sets a fast pace up the headwall.Our mountain - Rhondda - coming into view as we crest the glacier.Spectacular views back down the headwall towards Crowfoot Mountain with St. Nicholas at right.St. Nicholas Peak.Mount Thompson and Portal Peak.Rhondda and Habel with Baker and Trapper at distant right.Skinning the Wapta.