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Starting up the drainage beneath the Hector headwall.Phil ascends rubble slopes to the first headwall.There is some stiff moderate terrain if you go climber's left (away from Hector Creek) at the headwall.Looking up at Phil beneath cliffs - the route up the headwall isn't as obvious as you'd think due to many different routes and tracks.Finally above the headwall, looking back down over Hector Lake in the distance.Phil takes in the lovely Little Hector as we start traversing to Hector Pass.We will stick to climber's left of the next headwall.Karst Pavement makes for a fast approach towards Hector Pass.Lovely wildflowers on the way to Hector Pass - these are saxifrage.Lovely wildflowers on the way to Hector Pass - these are saxifrage.Beautiful weather only boosts the beautiful landscape on this trip.Find Phil! Little Hector looms above us here at left.