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Flying to LAX. The kids did great and I lost some of my flying fear.Waiting at LAX for the rental vans.We got to camp late - driving in Mexico in the dark was different...Our camp. Sunday was the only cloudy day (half day) we got.Grabbing some breakfast.It was cool in the mornings and evenings.The Sunday morning pep talk before heading into our work sites.One of the first views we had across the valley from our work area.Laundry day.Building our concrete form on Day 1. Our site was prepared quite well but we had to level it a bit.The family dog had very young pups and was very malnurished.This little guy is very cute! he was shy of the camera though.The family bathroom.Alex in a contemplative stance. He worked hard though!A view across the valley. Thousands and thousands of similar run down houses and poor families.KC and Abby play around our work site. One of the boys looks on.Vern and Travis trying to square the form.The mother on our site. She watched and smiled as we built her house. I'm sure sometimes she wondered if it would ever get built! :-)Looking at another work site that was way above ours on the hill.Typical dirt road with a small shop in the community. Mostly juck food with some canned goods.