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Early morning at the bivy.the sun is just starting to think about getting up and we're already around the corner of our traverse. Marmota at upper left.A gorgeous sunrise with Spreading Creek and Corona Ridge.A gorgeous sunrise with Spreading Creek and Corona Ridge.A hidden tarn provides fresh water and some great views to distract us from the painful side-hilling.Looking back from the scree gully over another hidden tarn towards Hall Tower at center with Spreading Peak on the LSteep scree up to the abutment ridge.A tarn along the way.Looking back at the small tarn from the scree grunt to the abutment ridge.Marmota is also not small!Steven on the sw-ne ridge with Marmota's west face far in the distance still.Steven on the abutment ridge with Marmota on the upper right.Looking back over our access gully at an unnamed peak to the west with Howse on the right.Looking south and west, back along the ridge that granted us access to the west face of Marmota. Peaks include Weed, Noyes, Howse and Chephren.