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Heavy frost along the Healy Creek Trail.Crossing Healy Creek near the upper meadows - the larches are turning but aren't completely yellow yet.Views over the Healy Meadows to The Monarch.We joked all day about the "wonderful green larches"! But there were still enough yellow ones to enhance the landscape.Great views along the Monarch Ramparts to their namesake in the distance. The heavy frost should help turn the stubborn larches even more yellow over the next week or so.Starting the long descent to the Egypt Lakes area on the west side of Healy Pass. Sugarloaf at foreground left of center and Greater Pharaoh at foreground right.Larches near the pass were mostly turned.Haiduk Peak.A gorgeous late summer day, looking back up the trail behind us as we descend from Healy Pass.Hiking in paradise.A cold morning.Approaching Pharaoh Creek with Greater Pharaoh directly above and Lesser at distant right.Heavy frost in the valley with Sugarloaf at left.Crossing the river at valley bottom.Approaching the camp and Egypt Lakes Shelter.On our way to Whistling Pass from the popular Egypt Lakes campground.Nice colors in the forest.A brilliant morning view towards Egypt Lake and Sugarloaf Mountain.Ascending.The trail is an interesting mix of switchbacks and forest. Note how green everything is lower down.