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A beautiful morning.A surprising amount of bushwhacking before the ridge.So is still the man!Finally out of the thicker forest and ascending more open slopes.I am very easily distracted by colorful flowers.I am very easily distracted by colorful flowers.Ascending open grassy slopes on the lower south ridge.We briefly considered crossing this gully and ascending the far notch, but instead we stuck to the ridge we were on. (L)View left off the lower south ridge towards Rockbound Lake.This is the ridge we stayed on, left of the previous photo.Looking back down the lower south ridge.We're now above the lower cliffs, traversing up to the south ridge.On the ridge proper - finally! Note how high we are already.You can spot the steep terrain we came up at lower right. So follows up the ridge.Part of the traverse that bypasses some difficult terrain above on the left.Looking back at the traverse terrain (C) with the much more difficult ridge above to the right.Looking up at the rest of our by-pass.On the ridge - delightful scrambling terrain.