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The Bourgeau ice climbs aren't quite ready yet.Nice early morning lighting on Mount Bourgeau.Starting up the ski runs at Goat's Eye. The lower, right one is the one I followed (Sunshine Coast).Brilliant morning lighting as Howard Douglas comes into view at center left.Look at these colors!Now I'm on Nugara's route - a trail on climber's right of Eagle Creek.Howard Douglas and the Eagle Basin below.Larches in the upper valley under the mountain. Eagle Mountain at left, Howard Douglas at center.I stopped here for a break before hitting the snowy boulder field.Starting up Eagle Basin. The summit out of sight at upper left.Looking back over the approach meadows from the boulder field under Eagle Basin.Incredible views back over the Sunshine Resort over Wawa Ridge and Healy Pass. The Monarch is buried in clouds at left.Initially I thought the lower cliffs might be problematic with the snow / ice cover, but I found an easy way through them.As I approach the lower cliff band an easy route through it appears at center.