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The team prepares to head up past the lower valley to the scree bowl between Harrison and Folk.Steven does some bouldering on the way up past the familiar waterfall.More interesting patterns in the rocks and boulders.Folk looms in the distance under some pretty gray clouds.Closer now, Eric is a tiny dot to the right as he took a very well-timed shortcut before the Harrison / Folk col.Decent views off the ridge - if you like clear cuts.Find the tiny figures on Folk's south ridge.Mount Folk is pretty easy.Harrison rises behind us with it's east and west couloirs clearly visible. You can see why the west (R) couloir isn't that easy to exitSurprising exposure off the south ridge into the Thunder Creek Valley.Looking back at the different routes to the final summit block. Eric came up from the left while the rest of us cut over too high on the right.Some interesting views off the south ridge.Grunting up yet another pile of Rockies scree. What the hell is wrong with me?!The views were pretty good considering how cloudy it was when we awoke. From L to R, Harrison E2, Harrison, Mike and the Quinn Range.A wider view south down our approach road with Splendid Peak to the left of the road and Smith to the right of it.Harrison looks intimidating from this angle. Happy to be done it!Looking down the Thunder Creek Valley towards a distant Flett Peak and Mount Dorman.Mount Mike.