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A gorgeous fall day as we approach the Ghost River Wilderness Area - the sunlit peak is Phantom Crag or Devil's Fang.Our first river crossing.Note the river abutting the cliff? This necessitated another two river crossings.The team is thrilled to change socks again.The drainage can't be followed very far - this is the Valley of the Birds! Go to climber's left on an obvious trail right from the river flats.Looking down at where we started our scramble - waterfalls to the left here which make up the Valley of the Birds ice climb.A surprising and pleasant walk in light forest under the ridge.Kev breaks tree line after a steep grunt through the trees.Our first head-on view of Devil's Head with our route to it pretty obvious along the ridge leading right to left.Looking back at Kev as he descends the first bump after breaking tree line on the first ridge.On the left, just out of sight is the bump we had to descend after coming out of the trees and gaining the ridge. On the right is our objective.Looking back at the highest 'bump' on the ridge also called "Bastion Ridge" by Gillian Daffern (right side). Black Rock is the peak in the distance.Getting a bit closer the views are awesome up here! Castle Rock lies to the right of Devil's Head here.There are sheep / human trails all around DH. It sure looks impregnable from the east!The ridge coming off DH to the left is another ascent route. A bit shorter but more convoluted than the one we used.Looking back at our ridge walk along Bastion Ridge (right) and the awesome valley to the north. We had our lunch break here.Getting close to the traverse under the cliffs - we stopped for a break near here.