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I'm finally out of the trees and on the interesting rock of the ridge. Bow Lake far below and Thompson and Jimmy Simpson rising above in the distance.The rocky areas were fun.Bow Peak on the left and Crowfoot Mountain on the right with Crowfoot Pass between them.Interesting view of Mount Thompson!More cool rock and snow scenery.Looking up at the final ridge to the summit of Crystal Ridge.A pano as I break tree line, looking west.Bow Lake with Mount Thompson rising above, Portal Peak to the left.The summit ridge.Helen Lake, Cirque Peak and Dolomite Peak and south down Hwy 93 at the Hector region, Bow Peak and Crowfoot Mountain on the right.Pano looking west includes the Bow Lake area.Des Poilus, Collie and Rhondda barely show up.Watermelon (L) and Puzzle Peak (R).Mount Hector (r), Little Hector and Andromache (l) from the summit.Looking south towards Hector (L) and Bow Peak (R).Bow PeakUnnamed and Crowfoot Mountain to the right with Crowfoot Glacier between.More cool rock scenery on descent - too bad I was sinking up to my waist in these spots. That was great fun.