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It's a HOT morning - of course it's almost noon already now! The impressive cliffs on the left are the SE side of Bison PeakThere's a pretty good trail for the first 2km or so. Here we are high above the creek on an embankment.Great views back towards Mount Chephren.My favorite small wildflower - the Twin Flower.Make no mistake about it - there is bushwhacking involved in the Totem Creek valley! The faint trail doesn't last long.Excellent view towards South Totem Peak (L).Lower Totem Falls is just visible in the far distance. The best thing to do at this point is stay as high as possible, side-hillingThese Asters look like they're having a bad hair day.Hope you like this! Kilometers of it ahead...The few pockets of trees look innocent until you're caught in the thick of avalanche debris and thick shrubs.Lower Totem Falls plunges down from the lowest of the two lower Totem Lakes.Looking back at Steven traversing above the falls on concrete scree.The lower of the two Lower Totem Lakes is a tiny tarn. Chephren and Howse Peak in the bg.