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Cathedral Mountain is still a favorite of mine in the Lake O'Hara area.A sign indicates the turnoff from the long approach up the road.Wietse enjoys the morning solitude of the trail to Linda Lake with Odaray Mountain's impressive north face rising above.There used to be a better option than the road to approach this area - the Cataract Brook Trail. It's still there, but is not maintained.More snow as we approach Linda Lake.The lovely, still waters of Linda Lake with Odaray Mountain in the background.A ridge of larches shows up in the distance with Mount Schaffer at distant left.Ringrose and Hungabee reflect in Linda Lake.Ringrose and Hungabee reflect in Linda Lake.Mount Odaray looms over a frozen finger of Linda Lake.Heading from Linda to Cathedral Lakes with Consummation Peak now visible at distant left.Arriving at Cathedral Lakes.Cathedral Lakes are almost completely frozen - Odaray rises over them dramatically.Consummation Peak.It's getting harder to find the trail under the snow.