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Crossing Bow Lake with sunrise on Portal and Thompson Peak at right. St. Nicholas and The Onion at left still in shadow.Skinning up and around the infamous 'bump' at the end of the lake on our way to the Bow Canyon.The Bow Canyon approach to the Bow Hut and the Wapta Icefield is always interesting with open water. Thankfully we had a good snow pack and thick bridges.till in deep morning shadow as we approach the end of the approach route.Ferenc's skins couldn't ascend the headwall beneath the Bow Hut due to icy conditions so he just boot packed it.Ferenc looks tiny under a towering Vulture Peak, Little Crowfoot at center left.I never get tired of this view of St. Nicholas and Olive.Collie just starts peaking over a rise on the Wapta Glacier as we continue to cross on perfect snow (notice the easy trail breaking here).Looking back at Peyto, Thompson and Portal (L to R).A pano looking towards Collie from the Rhondda / Gordon col. From L to R, Collie, Rhondda, Habel, Trapper.Skiing down onto the western edge of the Wapta towards Mount Collie.Skiing down onto the western edge of the Wapta towards Mount Collie.Mount Ayesha - my next Wapta destination and even more technical than Collie. Chapel at center.The broken east face of Collie with the summit towering above at center.Looking south towards The Presidents.