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A Fall scramble of Chimper Peak in Kootenay National Park.
Frost on the ground as we start up the Tokumm Creek Trail.The fires from 2003 certainly have made their mark in Prospectors Valley for a long time to come.Descending back to Tokumm Creek.Hiking alongside Tokumm Creek.A warm sun rises.Looking up at our avalanche gully. It's very foreshortened.Ascending the gully.Looking back down valley.Looking across Tokumm Creek towards Ochre Spring Peak.A few larch trees remain yellow in this view back to Ochre Spring Peak.The upper hanging valley is huge.The snow becomes more permanent and our foreshortened route to the summit appears left of center.Find Wietse in the huge terrain.Looking up the small gully below the crux cliffband.Views over the shoulder of Ochre Spring Peak.The gully is hardpack snow which is fast travel.Looking up at the cliffband.Looking back down the gully at left - note Wietse donning his crampons.The cliffband is plastered in snow and water ice.Incredible views back down from the cliffs.