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Wietse skis along the cheerful Vermillion River.Beautiful spring weather in the Chickadee Valley.The river was very open with only a few large snow bridges still strong enough to support our weightI love the views in this valley!Looking up valley, we will go up just climber's left of the rock buttress you can see on the right of the photo at around center height.Looking back at our ascent skin track and Boom Mountain on the left.We finally start gaining some serious height just before the avy slope.Looking up the avy slope that we used to gain the hanging valley.This photo is taken from the same place as the previous one, but looking up the valley instead.Very fresh bear tracks. I know, because I saw the bear make them! ;)The beautiful hanging valley that gives access to the peak (out of sight). You can see it's almost a terrain trap and there have been recent slides.Looking back down the hanging valley at Mount Whymper.Big views already. I'm sure the couloir in the bg has been skied.Ferenc skis up behind me - looking pretty darn small in this terrain!Getting higher - this is going to be a BLAST skiing down.Starting to get nervous about the steep avy terrain ahead. We have to go straight up to that high col and beyond. The summit is still out of view.Ferenc follows me up the first part of the steep roll.Lots of avalanche terrain in this bowl!