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Our peak rises in the distance over the Cataract Brook valley.Crossing a cold Cataract Brook.Cataract Brook.So puts his hiking boots back on after the chilly crossing.A steep, bushy grunt up hill since we didn't find the trail 'til the way back. :)Still off trail.YES! A trail!Note the ribbon.Once hitting the cliff band, we had to traverse climber's left to the upper plateau.Looking back along cliff bands that we came up underneath from the right.Carpets of wildflowers as we work our way up to tree line.Carpets of wildflowers as we work our way up to tree line.So comes up behind me as we breach the upper plateau. Narao Peak in the bg.Another shot from the plateau, Cathedral's glacier at center top and the winter route coming in from the center bottom.So is tiny in the terrain on the plateau.Mountain Goat.