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Hiking up the well used Mosquito Creek trail.Big avalanches off of Noseeum to the east have run clear across the trail!It's going to be a lovely, lovely day.Crossing a much smaller Mosquito Creek high above the Mosquito Creek Campground.A hint of what's to come."Fish Lakes" is North Molar Pass, "Molar Pass" is South Molar Pass.More open meadows as we approach treeline.Pure hiking magic.Pure hiking magic.Look closely at the sheer number and variety of wildflowers in this shot towards a striking outlier of Molarstone.Mosquito Creek flows out of it's headwaters tarn in this view looking back towards OXO Mountain.The small tarn that is the start of Mosquito Creek with the impressive NE face of Noseeum Mountain rising beyond.Looking ahead to North Molar Pass from near the tarn - Molarstone rising at left.The terrain roughens up a bit to the pass. Molarstone rises out of photo to the left here.View looking NW along our approach from way down the valley and out of sight around Noseeum Mountain at left.