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Skiing towards the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier. Note the wand? We followed them all the way in.Our peak rises at upper left with alpineglow.Approaching the Saskatchewan Glacier.Approaching the Saskatchewan Glacier.Approaching the Saskatchewan Glacier.Glacial ice near the tongue of the icefield.Castleguard Mountain peeks out above the glacier (center left). The large base camp is also visible on the lower right of the glacier toe.Starting up the Saskatchewan Glacier.Looking back at Ferenc coming up the initial roll at the toe of the glacier.The snow remained hard all day, which made the ascent and descent very fast. It was hard to turn on the slabby snow though!Looking towards the access to the Castleguard Meadows.The Saskatchewan Glacier.The Saskatchewan Glacier.Part of Andromeda's southern end to our right as we ski up the glacier.Nearing the Columbia neve. The trick on descent is to straight-line down this headwall to give yourself enough coasting speed