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The day starts out rather dreary, but it's warm at least. Bow Peak in the bg.Crossing Bow Lake heading towards the moraines to Bow Pass.So struggles up the steep access gully to the pass. Some people go left of this gully on a treed ridge but the gully is relatively safe.It's flat light as we work above tree line.Looking back over our approach and Bow Lake.Lovely rolling terrain over the moraines to the pass.There are some steepish rolls on the terrain to the pass which you must be cautious onLooking ahead to Bow Peak and Crowfoot Pass. Andromache to the left of Bow Peak.Nice view of Dolomite behind us, across hwy #93.We are tiny in this terrain.The slope in front of us (coming off BowCrow) slides regularly and you should avoid getting near it.So skis across Crowfoot Pass - looking back at our approach and Bow Lake.Looking over the south end of the pass towards Temple on the left and Daly on the right. Lilliput at center.So follows me up the wind swept west face of Bow Peak, the south ridge of Crowfoot Mountain forming an impressive backdrop.Daly looks impressive from this angle.Daly looks impressive from this angle.