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A beautiful scramble in the Morainne Lake region in Yoho National Park.
The morning started off quite cool but that didn't hurt the views at Lake O'Hara.Wietse starts up a steeper section of trail to the Opabin Plateau.Gorgeous terrain and fall colors as we hike the Opabin Plateau with Biddle looming above on the right.The Moor Lakes with Hungabee on the left and Biddle on the right.Looking back over Moor Lakes towards Wiwaxy's double summits and Huber looming on the right.Hungabee Lake with Cathedral, Wiwaxy and Huber (L to R).Telephoto of Cathedral Mountain over Hungabee Lake.Gaining height above Hungabee Lake just before ascending Yukness. Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral and Wiwaxy in the background.Biddle seen from the shores of Opabin Lake just before ascending Yukness.Looking down at our approach trail from the lower slopes of Yukness.A clear trail in the scree up Yukness' SW face.