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Leaving the parking lot before sunrise. BBP false summit is the obvious one - true summit is just visible behind it.A beautiful morning - the snow bridge is almost gone at the crossing.The steep treed section with crusty snow. Not a nice ski area.The steep treed section with crusty snow. Not a nice ski area.Our first views are into the Saskatchewan River valley of Mount Andromeda.We finally start breaking out of the trees and look ahead to the steep snow slopes of the false summit.Looking down at our approach - note the Big Bend on the left.I'm not sure how Eric does it but he's in a t-shirt in -10! He looks plenty happy to be here though.Steep slopes to the false summit - care is needed to ensure they won't avalanche you far into the valley below.More steepness - running out of snow so we have to be careful. Most slides are triggered around rocky points like this.We ascended the false peak for views. This is looking back at Steven coming up to the false summit with the main summit of BBP in the background.