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TJ skis towards Mount Balfour in great early morning lighting.It looks fairly intimidating with high clouds swirling and heavily crevassed hanging glaciers on the east face.Our route will go up the left hand side of the lower moraines before cutting up under the east face.Looking back at Ben and our approach trail. You can see the terrain is fairly steep already here.TJ and Ben come up behind me - we have already gained a few hundred meters here.We're roped up now, heading up to the col at upper right.Ben skis up under the heavily crevassed east face of Mount Balfour. This is where we started crossing bridged crevasses.Beautiful view over the Vulture Glacier from high up near the Balfour Col. In good weather, this is a special place.Here you can see the objective dangers of traversing under the east face - hanging serac regularly calve offThe slope angle grows gentle as we approach the col.The upper col is much flatter - there are crevasses here and people have gotten lost in white out conditions and even died by wandering too far to the left.At the Balfour High Col.