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Skiing across Bow Lake on May 7th. Hoping we don't fall through the ice... A nice evening.Steven wonders if this bridge will still exist tomorrow.The ski track just barely squeaks by the stream in the approach canyon.The ski track just barely squeaks by the stream in the approach canyon.A peaceful evening with the entire Bow Canyon area entirely to ourselves.The sun starts setting as we work our way up the steep headwall below the hut.Northern lights, stars and Steven's head lamp as we work our way up the headwall to the main Wapta Icefield.Pre-dawn light as we descend to the western flats. Collie in center and Ayesha on the right.The sun starts to rise in the east (L) as we work our way towards Ayesha (R). Baker and Habel on the far right with Gordon and our approach track at far left.It's hard to see in the early morning light, but the exposure of Collie's summit ridge can be seen here in the background on upper left.Nice lighting as we make our way directly towards the snow arete on Ayesha. Collie at left.Sunrise on gorgeous Mount Collie.The arete looks gorgeous rising to Ayesha's south ridge, but it doesn't look that big right? Baker rises at center with Habel at far right.The western side of Baker isn't as scenic as the east aspect.The arete looks much smaller than it is. The terrain is extremely foreshortened here.We skied part way up the arete. Mount Baker rises at center.A gorgeous morning as we ascend the arete in soft snow.