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High above the approach valley after taking the long switchbacks up the west side of the approach ridge.My xTerra on the Rice Brook spur road.The South Rice Brook spur road off the Bush River FSR.The road disappears into the clouds ahead of us. This is still the easy part of the Rice Brook Road.Into the wild... Shortly after leaving the truck we continue up the old logging road, into thick cloud and light rain.Apparently there's bears here too. Right by the truck. ;)Looking back along the upper 'road'. The cut block is now above us and we should be ascending the faint trail along the edge of it.Yes - that's a blue ribbon. Why didn't we follow it? Cutblocks in BC are full of blue ribbons. You can't follow them all.Crossing scree and boulder fields. Part of our confusion was due to the weather - we couldn't see very far except for very brief momentsThe cliff bands loom ahead - coming off the first unnamed summit on the approach ridge. We're not nearly high enough for the highline approach here.A wonderful view of Mount Bryce across from the boulder / scree field. This was by far the best view we got on our approach.Over two hours later and we're right at valley bottom looking at the approach for Bryce.It's always a bit depressing when the components of a perfectly good bridge aren't assembled anymore.