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Skiing the icy Moraine Lake road.Skiing the icy xcountry ski trail - sensing a theme here yet?Mount Temple looms on the left. We saw a massive serac failure on its upper north face which was kind of awe inspiring to watch and listen to first thing in the morning!Ben on the lower avy slopes under Aberdeen - Mount Temple in the background.The views open up behind us as we ascend the avy slopes under Aberdeen. From L to R, Pinnacle, Eiffel, Deltaform and Wastach.Apologies for the slightly mis-focused shot, but it does show the cool terrain we ascended from valley bottom.And here's the massive bowl on the lower face. It's extremely foreshortened in this view.And here's the massive bowl on the lower face. It's extremely foreshortened in this view.These are only a tiny fraction of the slopes leading to the terrain trap and bowl beneath this unnamed peak that lies between Aberdeen and The Mitre.Steven grunts up to the ridge while Ben and I take a slightly more conservative line on skis. You can see there's more rock on the ridgeThe skis are left behind and the hundreds of vertical meters of boot packing begin.This is the reason we're on the ridge. It's tough but contains less objective hazards under a sun that's much stronger and warmer than the forecasts implied.Notice how huge the terrain gets, the closer you're to it? The south face of Aberdeen is very foreshortened from the valley floor.The ridge wasn't as wind blown as we were hoping. Due to the foreshortening, many of the 'small' snow patches were really snow fieldsThe terrain just keeps getting bigger and the views better. Mount Temple is majestic across Paradise Valley.